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  1. All orders are legally null and void in the event of an Act of God such as machine failure, fire etc.

  2. Delivery deadlines are only indicative and are not binding.  Non-compliance with delivery deadlines does not entitle the purchaser to compensation.

  3. Complaints are only admissible if they are submitted in writing by registered mail within eight days of the invoice date.

  4. No complaint whatsoever discharges the purchaser from his obligation to pay.

  5. All invoices are payable within 30 days after the invoice date. Once this time has elapsed, interest will be, automatically, legally and without requirement of notice charged at 10%. In addition, in the event of late payment, conventional compensation of 10% will be automatically and legally due on the outstanding invoice sum, without requirement of notice.

  6. Goods supplied are in principle not returnable.

  7. All disputes come exclusively under the jurisdiction of the District Court of Turnhout.

  8. Goods are to be unloaded under the customer’s supervision and responsibility.

  9. Goods sold remain the property of Jacques IJs NV until full payment has been received. Jacques IJs NV is entitled to reclaim from the purchaser any goods that have not been paid for. In case that unpaid goods are already sold all rights resulting from this sale are transferred to Jacques IJs NV.

  10. In the event of a dispute, these terms and conditions of sale prevail over any other possible arrangement or document


  1. Should the supplier confirm our order with derogating general terms and conditions, our general purchase conditions shall still apply, even should no express objection have been made to this derogation on our part.  Our general purchase conditions also apply to future purchases and orders, even should there be no explicit reference thereto.

  2. The amount stated on the order form is the total price excluding VAT, unless stated otherwise. Should the performance of additional works be required, these may not be charged without prior consultation and an additional order form.

  3. Invoices are payable 30 days after the end of the month in which the VAT compliant invoice – stating the order form number – was received. Invoices must be delivered by post or sent by e-mail. Only correctly sent invoices may be accepted.

  4. Should the seller deliver to a delivery address different than what is stated on the order form, the buyer shall be entitled to recover the transport and handling costs from the seller.

  5. The delivery date is binding and must be strictly observed. As soon as the original delivery date has been exceeded, we reserve the right to:

    • claim a compensation of 30% of the price of the order for each new week commenced after the delivery date, without any requirement to prove damages.

    • The foregoing does not affect our right to enforce the delivery at all times, subject to a fine.

  6. The full or partial transfer by the seller of the order to third parties is not permitted without the buyer’s prior written approval.  Should the buyer grant said consent, this implies the seller's consent to the buyer’s ability to contact the subcontractor or supplier directly and to give instructions.

  7. Force majeure means any unexpected situation that is reasonably beyond the control of a party. For the sake of clarity, the following do not constitute force majeure on the part of the supplier, its agents or subcontractors: strikes, lock-outs, accidents, lack of equipment or accessories, equipment failures, inconvenient traffic conditions, weather conditions such as downpours, supply issues, import or export restrictions or other government regulations, delays or operational failures vis-à-vis third parties or subcontractors, price increases of Goods and/or Services by subcontractors, proprietary claims by third parties on accessories, lawsuits, bankruptcies or WCO (insolvency and restructuring).

  8. Any dispute relating to these conditions and the order shall fall under the jurisdiction of the court of the province of Antwerp. The relations between the contracting parties are governed by Belgian law. The Vienna Convention shall not apply.

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